Anything-Proof your Business: Introduction (Part I)

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In This Guide


“There’s no better business school than the experiences you’re going through right now.”

Company = Product


Mantra: The meaning behind your company. Guy Kawasaki recommends three words or less in his book, Art of the Start 2.0.

Mission: What your company will relentlessly focus on. Jim Collins refers to this as your The Hedgehog Concept in his book, Good to Great.

Core Focus: The who, what, where and how it takes to get there. Gino Wickman refers to this as Core Focus in his book, Traction.

Mantra: “Authentic athletic performance” for Nike

Mission: “Most convenient drugstores” for Walgreens

Core Focus: “Popcorn” for Orville Redenbacher



CEO | Founder | Entrepreneur | Father. Formerly @volusion, @intuit, @eharmony, @iac. Perpetually seeking enlightenment.

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