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  • Billy


    quite tall

  • Alex Bernier

    Alex Bernier

    CTO & Co-Founder @TwoGrandApp, lean agilist, hockey player, beer lover

  • Dan Gesshel

    Dan Gesshel

    Internet Executive, Softball Player, Road Cycler, Cook and Dad

  • Nils T. Devine

    Nils T. Devine

    Principal Engineer at Lolay, Inc. Designer of the board game Hunt or Gather http://www.huntorgathergame.com

  • Kara Nortman

    Kara Nortman

    Partner @ Upfront, Formerly Founder @ Moonfrye, IAC (Urbanspoon, Citysearch, M&A, Tinder), Battery Ventures

  • Jeff DiTullio

    Jeff DiTullio

    Tech Entreprenuer

  • Amir Parstabar

    Amir Parstabar

  • Shumpei Fukui 福井 俊平

    Shumpei Fukui 福井 俊平

    燕雀いずくんぞ鴻鵠の志を知らんや。Syunpei Fukui MBA/SoCal/Startup/Tech/Investment/Incubate/Innovation/ at archetype* アーキタイプ)LA/Entertainment/SF/VC

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